Agile is King! PM Hybrid Methodology

Friday: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PMJames McKim

The origins of Agile methodology are in software development. But the methodology has been brought to non-software development endeavors because of the promise of reducing structure and time while not sacrificing quality. Project Management is one of the most recent disciplines to pick up on the Agile “craze.

Now that Agile has been around for a while, organizations are finding that using a pure Agile methodology is not necessarily sufficient to produce quality results and efficiently run a project in all circumstances.

So, organizations are implementing a “hybrid PM” approach where the overall principles of Agile are used, but implemented with more traditional (some would say “Waterfall”) PM processes. This session explores the ways Project Management provides support where Agile falls short. It, also explores how Agile and Project Management tools and techniques can be are blended to create a “Hybrid PM” approach

James McKim

James McKim is an Organizational Igniter. Over his 30+ year career, he has helped small and large organizations in many industries to spark efficiency and growth through the aligning of people, process, and technology. He excels at bridging business and technology quickly assessing the “big picture” of a situation, identifying Critical Success Factors, prioritizing solutions, and bringing a project management disciplined approach to implementation. Recognized by organizations such as Atd, Brandon Hall, Bersin Associates, Axelos, and PMI, he is dedicated to creating win-win situations between organizations and their employees.


Mr. McKim has a deep understanding of current trends in the development, selection, deployment, and revenue realization of human and technology capital. He has played diverse roles including Developer, Trainer, Consultant, Director, Adjunct Professor, CIO/CTO, President, and Board Chair for organizations such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise and FIRST. He has also co-founded several companies ranging from a management consulting firm that specialized in the strategic use of information through both non-human and human means to an asset tracking provider.


Mr. McKim is well-versed in the impact of public policy on technology having served as Chair of the Software Association of New Hampshire, Chair of the Education Committee of NH Public Broadcasting, member of the NH International Trade Advisory Board and advisor to governors and legislators. He is a consultant, frequent conference presenter and guest on radio and television shows.


Mr. McKim lives in Goffstown, New Hampshire with his wife Nancy and daughter Katherine where he is an avid tennis player, cross-country skier, and takes pride in directing his church choir.