Driving Results with Design Thinking

Saturday: 8:30 AM – 10:00 AMRob Frohman & Mélanie St. James

Design thinking is a powerful framework enabling innovation and organizational agility. In this high-octane introduction workshop, participants learn the underlying principles of Design Thinking, connecting problem analysis, problem reframing and ideation to a unique business canvas, leaving the workshop ready to partner with stakeholders to make their ideas a reality.

To maximize our time together during the session “Driving Results with Design Thinking – An Introduction”, we are soliciting, ahead of time, problem statements to use in our session activities. This way, activities will be relevant to your industries and challenges at hand. Please send us your problem statements, following these parameters.

  • 1 sentence
  • Current state (not aspirational)
  • Avoid solutions
  • Go for simplicity
  • Eg: The traffic in Boston is bad
  • Note: Feel free to add a sentence or two if you would like to provide context



Mélanie St. James

A forward-thinking leader and strategist, Mélanie St. James is the Chief Experience Officer at The Co8 Group, a company focused on bringing digital transformation and self-sustaining improvement through cultural assessment, alignment and skills development. Her ability to seamlessly integrate Service Design, User Experience with Design Thinking allows for the rapid alignment of customer and business needs while her expertise in facilitation and team development create high performing, cross-functional team able to deliver high value products and services.

Rob Frohman

An innovative and engaging leader, Rob Frohman is the founder and CEO of The Co8 Group, a company focused on enabling organizations to deliver products efficiently, with quality and predictability. Rob blends his experience in software engineering, product development, agile and lean practice, leadership and management consulting to bring alignment to complicated environments so teams can focus on building and delivering great products. You can often find Rob at his meetup, Kendall Square Agilists Meetup, in Cambridge, MA.